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  • Hermit Crab Shell Size Gauge

    Find the Perfect Shell for Your Crab

    You love your hermit crab, but do you know what it needs to be happy and healthy? A proper shell is essential for your crab's well-being, but not all shells are the same. How can you tell if a shell is the right size and shape for your crab? That's where the Snout and Shell Hermit Crab Shell Size Gauge comes in. This transparent tool lets you easily measure the opening of any shell, from 0.25 inches up to 2.5 inches. It works with three types of shells: turbo, murex, and circular. With this gauge, you can provide a variety of shells for your crab to choose from, according to its size and preference. No more guessing, no more wasting money on unsuitable shells. Just a happy hermit crab in a cozy home.

    Here's Why You'll Love This:

    Easy to Use:Just place the gauge over the shell opening and read the size.

    Portable and Durable: The gauge is made of sturdy plastic and can be packed in a bag or pocket. Take it with you wherever you go.

    Suitable for Any Shell: The gauge can measure turbo, murex, and circular shells, which are the most common types for hermit crabs.

    Great Gift Idea: The gauge is a thoughtful and practical gift for any hermit crab owner or enthusiast.