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  • FAQs


    Q: Do I need to add water to the snail food?

    A: You can add water to the mix using the designated scooper, leave it dry, or you can sprinkle the mixture on any fresh fruits and veggies. Try out different combinations, and see which your snails like the best!


    Q: What is the benefit of the snail food?

    A: Our snail food not only contains healthy servings of fruit and vegetables for your pet snail, but it is also a great source of calcium to strengthen their shells!


    Q: Can I feed this to snails I find outside?

    A: Yes! Our snail food is for all! Whether you keep them as pets or you are just feeding some garden friends, our mixture is safe and healthy for all snails.


    Q: Do I have to add extra calcium to the snail food?

    A: No! Our food already contains an adequate source of calcium. 


    Q: What if my snails get worms?

    A: Worms are very dangerous for snails. That is why we include pumpkin seed in our mixture; it acts as a natural de-wormer for snails.