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  • Hermit Crab Greensand Supplement

    Do you want to give your hermit crab the best nutrition possible? Do you want to see your hermit crabs thrive and grow with a strong exoskeleton and vibrant colors? Then you need Greensand Food Supplement. This supplement is made from natural greensand, a product of glauconite that is rich in magnesium, iron, potassium, and other minerals. These minerals are essential for your hermit crab's health and well-being. They help your hermit crabs maintain a balanced pH, regulate their water intake, and support their molting process. Greensand also has a delicious taste that your hermit crab will love. Greensand Supplement is easy to use and long-lasting. Just pour some into a small container and leave it available for your hermit crab at all times.


    Here's Why You'll Love This:

    Natural and Organic:The supplement is made from pure greensand and is harvested from the deep ocean. It contains no artificial ingredients or additives.

    Mineral-Rich Formula:The supplement provides your hermit crab with magnesium, iron, potassium, and other minerals that are vital for its health and growth.

    Tasty Treat:The supplement has a greenish-brown color and a savory flavor that your hermit crab will enjoy.

    Easy to Use and Store:The supplement comes in a resealable bag that is easy to open and close. It does not require refrigeration or special storage conditions.