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  • Reptile and Amphibian Coco Chip Bedding - 1.4 lbs

    Unleash the jungle vibes in your reptile's crib with our Coconut Chip Substrate! This ain't your average bedding; it's the red carpet of reptile luxury. Made from 100% natural coconut peat, it's the VIP treatment your cold-blooded pals deserve. No dirt, fibers, or icky stuff, just pure tropical goodness. It's like a spa day for your scaly friends, offering primo humidity control, waste wizardry, and odor vanquishing powers. Let your reptiles dig, burrow, and chill in style. With coverage for up to 9 liters, it's a cozy cocoon for your critters. Grab this reptile rave now and watch your pets turn into jungle royalty!